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Nov 24, 2012 2:30am PST
important that people support small business? >> well, for our city, we really live and die off of sales tax revenue. that's for about 80% of our revenue comes from sales tax receipts. small business is the life blood of a community. there is so much of it around. if we promote small business, it brings local people, supports local people. we are not quite as tied to decisions that might be made outside of our community with the big box stores. locally, tulsa, our economy is doing very, very well. the rest of the country, unfortunately, is not doing that hot. we might have a different buying pattern and a more affordable buying pattern than other cities in our country. decisions that are made locally usually are in our best interest. >> are you and other city officials getting behind this? are you going to be out there on saturday buying stuff at stores? >> absolutely. we have to lead by example. our city council is very supportive. we in administration, in our city government, our city council, are very united in this effort. we realize we are one tulsa. one, northeastern oklahoma. we are o
Nov 25, 2012 4:30am PST
and democrats about a whole set of measures that can accelerate financing to start up companies, provide tax breaks to start ups who are interested in hiring more workers or increasing their wages. >> food and football go hand-in-hand. whether you are going to a tailgate or sports bar, we thought we would resiz sit this story of a great, tony. he took what he learned in the nfl to become a successful restaurant owner. like many entrepreneurs, this restaurant owner is hands on. he spends his days checking in at each of his six new jersey restaurants. >> how you doing? don't steal the ketchup. >> i try to lead by example. i have no problem going in the back and washing dishes. i have done it all. >> like many entrepreneurs, this is his second career. that's where the similarities stop. his first career -- super bowl champ. this entrepreneur is tony siragusa. for 12 seasons, he played defensive tackle for the nfl winning the championship against the baltimore ravens in 2001. >> the toughest part about getting into the business world, it's a big change. a huge change. >> though you can still cat
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2